Public Relations

Public Relations can be an extremely cost-effective way for any business to make its presence felt on a local and national stage, and our agency can provide a comprehensive range of professional services in this area. Our experience and expertise enables clients to develop and implement a consistent public relations strategy. We continuously maintain strong relationships with key editors, writers and reporters, and we know how to work with them to get the results our clients want.

Media Relations

Whatever the cause, we create the media strategy and execute it to the final detail. We have made it our business to learn the news business: We understand what media outlets deem as newsworthy; we understand the challenges, deadlines and expectations of reporters and editors; and we have an established track record and reputation for honesty and persistence. At Riverside Communications Group, we put all of our resources to work for our clients and we get results that serve their bottom line.

Message Development

We believe in getting our clients in the news with the right story and the right message. Quality of the media coverage matters to us and our clients much more than the number of column inches or media hits. So we work to understand the clients’ goals and create the messages that will achieve them. Whether we’re writing speeches, opinion editorials or letters to the editor, or preparing clients for press interviews, our focus on the most effective message is always a top priority.

Media Training

It is vital to ensure that the individuals responsible for dealing with media representatives are equipped with the proper skills to represent their company while ensuring the right message is delivered every time. Riverside Communications Group’s successful media training and coaching program is designed to give hands on, practical advice and counsel. Media training includes workshops, crisis management coaching, interview tips and a crash course in understanding how local and national media operate.

Crisis Communications

Riverside Communications’ public relations specialists have helped numerous businesses and organizations quickly strategize and execute communications tactics in response to crisis situations. Working with key executives, communications staff, volunteers and employees, Riverside Communications professionals have been instrumental in quickly launching programs that address each client, media and prospect communication channel.